LTS Farm Management

Laughton Training & Sales was founded in 1998 to help Off-The-Track-Thoroughbreds get the training they needed to have another career in life.  With training and time many of the horses that have come to LTS have become successful Trillium & A circuit level show horses and become very important parts of their new owner’s lives.   At Laughton Training and Sales, the emphasis is on the horses and developing individual programs to achieve the goals of owner/rider. Whether you are looking to improve your technique, prepare for show season or just want to brush up on your skills, LTS will be able to accommodate.

This blog deals with the “Farm Management” aspects of LTS as compared to the “Equine Management” that is dealt with separately. This provides LTS with the opportunity to tell everyone what has been completed at the site, what work is underway or planned and what future work is envisioned. We welcome your participation in this process – so please feel free to post your comments!

As new information is added, a BLOG UPDATE will be issued, so sign up for e-mail notification if you want to follow the blog.

Blog Updates are here:


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