Private Barn

Update June 24, 2011

We welcome any questions or comments on any of these topics. Although this is a BLOG site, we will return to each of these topics on a regular basis to update each of the sub-topics. We will do our best to respond to any questions, comments or concerns as soon as possible. Information on each of the LTS buildings (as compared to properties – pastures, paddocks, etc.) is sorted into these categories:

  • status and early remedial work completed upon arrival in November 2009
  • renovations and/or upgrades completed in 2010
  • work currently underway
  • future work programs and/or aspirations

Enter the Private Barn

The pictures on Photobucket for the Private Barn are located here:

Changes to the Private Barn in June 2011

A new stall has appeared at the north west end of the Private Barn:

Storage Area in Private Barn

Storage Area Now a New Stall

Status and Remedial Work Upon Arrival in 2009

To the best of my knowledge, very little attention was needed to the Private Barn when LTS arrived in November 2009. There were so many other “Serious Problems”, the conditions in the PRIVATE BARN did not appear to warrant immediate attention. Routine maintenance issues were dealt with on a daily basis, in cooperation with the owners and boarders.

The previous tenants appear to have built the stalls in the “Private Barn” with little or no attention to the “power of horses”. As such, many of the stall wall boards have been “kicked out” and doors have been “dislodged”. LTS had attended to the repairs on each instance this has occurred. Unfortunately it is the poor planning and construction of these stalls that has resulted in these problems.

The electrical in the barn appears to have been discontinued at some point as not all circuits are complete and the panel box is in disarray. LTS has addressed these issues on the “safety issue” side but additional work will be required before any new services can be added.

Renovations and Upgrades Completed in 2010

Information I have at this time:

  • upgrade of washroom area, with the addition of a new floor and drywall interior;
  • isolation of “electrical panel” in last SE stall and identification of incomplete electrical circuits;
  • addition of “grooming stalls”, including new light fixtures; and
  • fixed windows removed and some “half-windows” installed to allow for “free air” in the spring and summer of 2010

Work Currently Underway

There are some activities underway but I have not received a status report:

  • upper level tack/owner storage area above the washroom;
  • private barn feed room; and
  • upgrading of electrical system (if borders submit requests for additional services).

Future Programs / Aspirations

The “Private Barn” will require WINTERIZING now that the fixed windows have been removed. LTS has also asked the boarders to submit requests if they wish to have separate utilities installed (winter heaters, summer fans), but as of this date I have no knowledge of any requests having been received. Only then would LTS approach RF for approval for these additional utilities.

Check back later for information on LTS plans for the Private Barn currently under review.

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2 Responses to Private Barn

  1. Kayla says:

    Hey guys! I was wondering if in the Private barn we could install more electrial, specifially at the stalls to allow for heated water buckets in the winter (no more ice cubes), and if need be, fans in the summer!


    • ltsfm says:

      We looked at that option last summer and it is not as simple a question as it sounds. There is a significant capital and operating cost to complete that step that would have to be passed onto the cost of the stalls, as we could not expect everyone to pay for the extra hydro facilities and monthly fees if they did not want to participate. So that means meters at all stalls, new panel and power supply, etc. We have discussed this previously with the owner of the property and they deem it is not feasible. It would be an option in the new construction.

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