Medical Stall

To ensure that LTS is better prepared to deal with “Veterinary Medical” issues on a regular basis, a new “medical stall” is now under construction in the easily accessible area at the main entrance to the Private Barn. A new stall was constructed (see link here) prior to starting the conversion of the existing front stall into the new medical/emergency stall. This ensured that no owner or border was inconvenienced during the construction process.

The need for this stall became apparent during the 2010 winter season when LTS realized how important it was to have an area where a horse could be relocated for more reliable veterinary care under adverse conditions. Some of the ideas for the new stall included such items as:

  • easy access for a horse moved to the area on its own or with mechanical assistance (large entrance way required for tractor, sling, etc.);
  • roof system that could be “open” or “closed” depending on the need for warmth in the winter or coolness in the summer;
  • service system to allow for temperature control, lighting and medical accessories (IV bags, electrical supply, etc.); and
  • padded walls for protection of an injured horse, or perhaps a young foal.

The new stall is now under construction. When it is not needed for a horse requiring special care it will most likely be occupied by a LTS owned horse – so it can be moved out quickly if the need arises. The details as to access to the use of this stall and associated costs will be worked out as the implementation of the process advances, probably on a similar basis to a “human emergency system” – critical care needs take priority.

When we first discussed this option with the vets in the winter of 2010 they were not aware of any local boarding facility that had implemented a program such as this – so here at LTS we hope to be taking a lead on the care and management of our equine pals. The spring rains have slowed the plans for the construction of the facility but it is underway and will be completed SOON!

Here are some pictures of the progress to date.

Current Stall Dismantled to Make Room for Medical Stall

Large Doorway and Roof Structure Under Construction

4 Panel Doorway During Installation

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