Spring? Oops – more winter!

Sorry, you have not heard from me for a while! For those that had not heard, I slipped on the ice coming out of Barn A back in January and busted my ribs – so I was “out of action” for quite a while.

I was telling Tessa the weather is warming up and I am ready to get back into action with some renovations to the sand rings to improve the drainage for the Spring 2011 season – and then out of no where we get this massive snow storm! Last week we were sitting on the patio for St. Patrick’s Day. Hopefully it does not last long and we will be back in the hot dry weather.

The fields are going to be very wet so we all have to be careful not to “mess them up”. We will be looking at having some “sacrificial paddocks” to put the horses in when the pastures are too wet for the horses.

Got any questions about Spring 2011? Post them here. Remember for last minute updates you can follow us on TWITTER at http://twitter.com/ltsfm – see you there!

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2 Responses to Spring? Oops – more winter!

  1. Lynn Watts says:

    Hi Richard, Hate to add to your to do list, but could you please look at Barn A door to outside it will not stay closed and when the winds get up the door opens. The drainage is such that it causes the water to come into the feedroom and rots and undermines the doorsill. Could you also look at the door that goes from the feed room to the stall area. It appears that the barn has shifted and caused the frame of the door to split and the metal work to move where it should not be.

    • ltsfm says:

      That was completed last month – sorry I have been busy “doing things” and not updating the blog! I will see if I can get the updates posted!!

      The door was repaired and the Barn A feed bin was moved into the pump room. The “Ladies” can now go about moving the shelf unit where they want it and “associated housecleaning”.

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